Understanding the basics of Testing

2020-04-12 kunal danole

What is Testing ?

- Testing is a process of identifying the 'Bugs' in a Software Application(Project/Product).

- Test engineer has to check and validate whether the developed application is as per the Clients requirement or not.

- Also  testers responsibility is to find whether developed application meets the user needs.


Testing and Quality :

- If Software application justify the clients requirements as well as end user expectations, then it is said to be a Good Quality Application.

- Testing is a measurement of Quality, In proces where the Test Engineer will report the bugs and developer will fix them.


Cost of Quality :

If defects are introduced in early stages of SDLC, the cost to fix them will be much higher.

Cost of fixing the bugs can be arranged as below:

- Mistakes in requirement are occured either by Client or by the Person who is assigned for Requirement Gathering. So these mistakes stay hidden untill the end of release and only Client can find them. In this way Testing the project again to Fix those bug takes too much time, money, and human power.

So the question arises, How much testing is enough? 

- Testing everything is not possible, It all depends on pressure of budget,time and risk of defect in a project. Instead we should do Right Amount  of testing.

There Are basically two types of Testing :

1) Functional testing

    -  It contains 

        i. Manual testing

        ii. Automation Testing 

2) Non-functional testing

    - It usually contains Tools like Load Runner, Jmeter etc.


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