Submitted by : Manoj Pawar
Programming Tutorials: R Programming
Posted on : 2019-09-06

In R statistical analysis can be determined by using many in-built function.These in-built function takes R vector as an input along with no of argument and gives us result.

We are discussing These function i.e mean,median,trim.

  •  Mean:

Mean calculated by using taking sum of values and divide it with number of values .




X: is a input vector

Trim: is used to drop some observation from both end of vector.

Na.rm: is used to remove missing value from the input vector.

> x<-c(-2,-3,-3,5,6,78,30,54)
> print(x)
[1] -2 -3 -3  5  6 78 30 54
> y<-mean(x) //We are calculating mean of x and stored into y variable.
> print(y)
[1] 20.625


  •  Median:

Median shows the middle value in data series.And it can calculated by using median() function.




X:is a input vector.

Na.rm:is used to remove missing value from the input vector.

> x<-c(-2,-3,-5,5,3,8,34,24) 
> print(x)
[1] -2 -3 -5  5  3  8 34 24 
> y<-median(x)
> print(y)
[1] 4
  •  Trim:    

  it is used to drop observation from both end of  vector.when trim argument is supplied.the value of vector get sorted.For example:when trim=0.3, it will drop some observation from both end of sorted vector.i.e supposed x is a sorted vector containing some values


and values removed from  sorted vector (-21,3.0,4.0) from the left and from the right (8.9,9.5,16.5).  

> x<-c(-2,-3,-5,5,7,78,34,32)
> result<-mean(x,trim=0.3)
> print(result)
[1] 10.5