About Solutions Touch

Solutions Touch (ST) Established in the year 2019 at Nanded (Maharashtra, India), We offering IT Infrastructure Management Services like Software Development, Web Development and Design. Solutions Touch provides IT services to clients as partners to conceptualize and realize technology-driven business transformation initiatives. Also, Solutions Touch is the Software Development and Web Development blog. We aim to provide the best online services and resources on Software Development and web development. We deliver the tutorials for programmers and developers. Any visitors to this site are free to browse our tutorials and code download facility makes our tutorials more useful and easy to understand. Solutions Touch covers topics on new technologies and growing faster every day in Development, Web Development, and Design.

Our team members:

Name of team member Work as
Raj Thakur PHP developer
Omsingh Bais Data Analyst
Shashank Dharasurkar Python Developer
Rupesh Sonkamble IOT Developer
shrikrushna kalbande Web Developer
Akshay Hatkar Javascript Developer
Rahul Swami R Developer
Pravin Shinde Digital business analyst

Solutions Touch team providing the services and resources of the following web and software technologies like c, CPP, Python, PHP, SQL database and many more.

Quick Contact

Hi, If you have any problem or if you have something new concept that not present here you can suggest us, so we can come up with that topic very soon.

Coming soon
  • Installing Tensorflow-CPU on windows with python -Shashank Dharasurkar
  • Update and delete rows from database with bootstrap confirm modal in php and mysql -Raj Thakur
About us
Solutions Touch is an online service providing website for programming languages solutions, tutorials and solving engineering problems.