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How to Install Sublime Text on Windows Step by Step Guide


Installing Nodejs and Nativescript

Installation Guide for the Node.js and NativeScript

Python QR Code generator

Here we are going to learn how qr code generates,types of qrcode, how qr code is created and how to use qr code. We are going to learn all this things while practicing qr code generation system with use of qrcode library present in python packages.

Django Model

Here In this we are going to create two different models and also with the help of few examples we are going to adding data into the Database by using Database model

Django Database

Here we have successfully installed and configured database in django and also inserted data into database using python.

Building Social Bookmark Application using Django

Here we are going to start creating new application in Django. Here step by step you will learn how to get start with Django installation and creating application successfully.

Django Tutorial on database installation

Here we are going to continue our project development in django. We are going to create simple bookmark project in python using Django.

How to Stream Video using Flask

Here we are going to create a simple webpage and to embed sample youtube video into the webpage

Django Installation

Here we are going to learn another python web development framework i.e. Django. Django is more popular than Flask in many ways.Today we are going to learn installation and project run process in Django.

The Flask Installation and First program execution

Here we are going to learn basic of python web development using its own framework i.e. Flask. in this post we are going to learn installation of flask and " hello world " program execution.

Python File Organizer

Here we are going to build a simple file organizer which will help us to sort multiple files into their basic file type. It will sort our messy folders into well maintained folders.

MySQL With Python With Few Basic CRUD Operations

Here we are going to connect mysql with python using mysql-connector. and going to perform few basic CRUD operations.

How to Install Jupyter Notebook

Here in this tutorial we are going to learn how to install jupyter notebook step by step in easy way.

FLASK python installation on LINUX Ubuntu Operating System

Flask (source code) is a Python web framework built with a small core and easy-to-extend philosophy. My blog shows Installation of Flask Python Framework on Ubuntu operating system for a Web app Development.

Automating Google search using python

Here we are going to get first google result in different tab directly using command prompt. We are going to use python in build library webbrowser and another library...

Web Scrapping using Python

Here we are going to extract all the header tag data/value from particular website using python and beautifulsoap library

Taking Screenshot using Python

Here you are going to know how to take screenshot on your pc using python with different methods using different libraries like...

OCR In Linux using python

Here, we are going to perform OCR on image in linux operating system using python and some libraries

Single Tabbed browser in Python

Here, we are going to create single tabbed web browser with simple gui and minimum coding.

Installing Tensorflow CPU on windows with python

In this, we are going to install tensorflow for CPU only with pip command. To do this we need some libraries.which are given below.

Screen Recorder in Python

Today we are going to create simple yet effective screen recorder using python and opencv

Python code for Face Detection in Image

We are going to detect faces in image using opencv , numpy, haar cascade files. In just 15 lines we can detect faces

Showing System like notification on Windows using Python

show windows like system notification using python with custom notification

Easiest Way to install OpenCV on Windows

In this post, we are going to install OpenCV 3 on Windows. We have used Windows Power Shell to run commands. Alternatively, you can use the command prompt too. Before going to install OpenCV on machine you have to know

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