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Implementation of Diffie hellman key exchange with man in the middle attack

The Diffie–Hellman key exchange is a very important concept in cryptography. and we solve the problem of security

Creating Charts with Subplots and figure in matplotlib with Python.

This tutorial, we will manage a chart using random data using Subplots and figure.

Generate dataset or return evenly spaced numbers using linspace

This tutorial we will generate data for machine learning algorithm like gradient descent

Dataframe and series using pandas in python

Pandas is a very useful module in the machine learning for manipulation of data frame and series

Introducing variable declare and data type for machine learning in python

lists and array mostly used in machine learning and data science algorithm implementations.

Machine learn Linear Regression on novel corona virus 2019

Implementation Linear Regression on novel corona virus 2019

Registration Form in codeigniter with mysql

we will implementation how to create a simple registration form in CodeIgniter with MySQL.

CodeIgniter pagination

pagination is a most necessary feature of displaying large amount of record...

Login Form using jQuery Ajax and codeigniter

Implementation of login from and we are going to learn how to create a login form in CodeIgniter.

Image Upload using AJAX in codeigniter with database

the easy way of image upload in Codeigniter

Simple chatroom in codeigniter

Every person want to be their own simple chatroom application. This simple chatroom application used for any text communication...

How to create a bootable Windows iso file using Oscdimg

how to create iso file without software. Oscdimg is additional Microsoft command-line tool. Oscdimg is a command-line tool for creating an image file (.iso) of a customized 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows.

Update and delete rows from database with bootstrap confirm modal in Codeigniter

how to implement records Update and delete with Bootstrap confirm modal using codeigniter. When perform alter operation on database we need to make sure to delete the records or not...

Comment Box system with nested reply using codeigniter and ajax

Comment Box collects thought from your customers for a particular post and gives you easy to understand the way of think any person about a particular topic....

How to handle dynamic multiple checkbox with update database in php

Implementing handle and update multiple dynamic checkboxes in CodeIgniter

Dynamic dependent select box in codeIgniter

we implementing the dependent select box by using jquery in Codeigniter. The dependent select boxes are work on the dropdown list.

How to run CodeIgniter Web Framework on kali linux and Ubuntu

This tutorial we are discussing about how to run CodeIgniter Web Framework on kali Linux and what are the problem is face when run any php framework on kali Linux operating system.

CRUD with codeigniter jquery and ajax

codeigniter ajax crud using datatables insert add data,display data using ajax in codeigniter,codeigniter crud with pagination,codeigniter jqgrid crud,ajax in codeigniter ,crud postgresql php codeigniter codeigniter crud using ajax bootstrap models and mysql source code,fetch data using ajax in codeigniter,CRUD(Create, Read, Update ,Delete) is very important part of any dynamic web applications. The jquery and ajax is help load data from database server without reload and refresh the web application. Reload of web application it’s take more time as compare to the ajax..

Codeigniter TinyMCE with Responsive Filemanager

We will learn how to use wysiwyg html editor on codeigniter framework with Responsive Filemanager. TinyMCE is editor provide the html code automatically. The Responsive filemanager is a free open-source file manager and image manager that offers a nice way to upload and insert files, images and videos..

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