Data Reshaping Using R

Here, we can combine two data frame into one using cbind() and rbind() function.

2019-09-25 Manoj Pawar 0

CSS Colors

Learn how to use color in CSS.

2019-09-22 Rahul Swami 0

How to store a data in browsers local storage and access it using JQuery

How to store data in localstorage of browser

2019-09-19 Akshay Hatkar 0

Use Of Pivot for converting rows into columns with unknown values

Pivot using dynamic sql query for unknown values in the column and that needs to be transpose that means to convert rows into columns.

2019-09-16 Rahul Maniyar 0

Pivot and Unpivot in SQL Server

Pivot and UnPivot for converting rows to columns and columns to rows in SQL Server.

2019-09-15 Rahul Maniyar 0

Multiple Regression Using R

here, we are shows dataset available in r environment and implementing multiple regression using r.

2019-09-15 Manoj Pawar 0

OCR In Linux using python

Here, we are going to perform OCR on image in linux operating system using python and some libraries

2019-09-11 Shashank Dharasurkar 0

Linear Regression Using Example

here,lm() and predict() function are used to implement linear regression in r

2019-09-10 Manoj Pawar 0

Comment Box system with nested reply using codeigniter and ajax

Comment Box collects thought from your customers for a particular post and gives you easy to understand the way of think any person about a particular topic....

2019-09-10 Raj Thakur 0

R programming statistics example

We are performing mean, median, trim operation using r environment.

2019-09-06 Manoj Pawar 0